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Jury awards $75M to brothers wrongly convicted of 1983 murder

Jury awards $75M to brothers wrongly convicted of 1983 murder

A jury in a North Carolina federal civil rights case has awarded $75M to two. Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, intellectually disabled half-brothers, spent decades behind bars after being wrongfully convicted in the 1983 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. The two were released from prison in 2014. McCollum was 19, and Brown was 15, when they were convicted.

Rachel 0 months

One of the things I hate most is being accused of something I didn't do. Can't imagine how they must feel. At least they'll never have to want for anything again

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

I’m glad to see justice has finally been served, but I wonder who actually killed the little girl and f they went on to kill more. Although these brothers have a huge payday it won’t return the lives they have missed and will now no doubt be preyed upon by by those who can easily manipulate.

Lynn 0 months

Wow. I’m the same age as the older brother. That means these guys have spent their entire adult lives in prison. God Bless them. May they know true Peace and happiness in their freedom.

Darf 0 months

And here we are now reinstating the firing squad.. I have to wonder how many innocent people have been murdered by the state.

Stefnir 0 months

Jesus christ that's bad

good4you 0 months

What happened to SBI agents Leroy Allen and Kenneth Snead, who were part of the original investigation?

edwin 0 months

Good to see evidence winning in a court for once. Hope they can recover some semblance of what they lost.

Faittastic 0 months

Wow just wow

David 0 months


skrappjaw 0 months

This is awesome. No amount of money will give a man years of his life back. But it's at least a positive end to their horrible story.

neptune1bond 0 months

How horrible and sad to have lost that many years...and then to come out and find a world so different. I can't imagine what they lost and missed out on and all the things they will never get back. Just absolutely terrible.

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