GA Gov. didn’t know COVID-19 can be contagious even when carrier is asymptomatic

GA Gov. didn’t know COVID-19 can be contagious even when carrier is asymptomatic

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was criticized after he said Wednesday that he had just learned this week that the COVID-19 can be contagious even when people are asymptomatic. Kemp said, ’We didn’t know that until the last 24 hours and as Dr. Toomey (referencing Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health) told me, she goes, ’this is a game-changer for us’’.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
dan 1 months

3 dem governors praised trumps response Left reaction... RREeeeeee! Even Cuomo had to take a step back and remember his job as a leftie tool

Jason 1 months

There is no way that he did not know. He just wasn't doing his job. He was probably waiting on the federal government. It's funny because CDC actually comes out of Georgia. So how did he not know. He's obviously lying. If he's that stupid then he should not be a governor.

Fin 1 months

Either a full on liar denier trying to find cover or willfully politically negligent cause gee he got the power

Jason 1 months

The CDC head office is in Georgia how did he not know! Blatant lying! After that I bet he'll start pointing the fingers!

christine hancock
christine hancock 1 months

What the mother lovin eff! How does anyone not know this? Did it not strike him as curious why the entire US is shut down?!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

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Mutatis 1 months

I watched the full speech/presentation, that everyone is pulling this commentary from, and it seems like people are assuming the worst even when there is potentially more context to consider. Quite simply, Toomey, who is from the Georgia Department of Health and spoke after Kemp, went into some detail about new epidemiological models that had just been published about asymptomatic transmission of the virus. It seems fairly likely that this is the information that Kemp is talking about, as coming out within the last '24 hours' and being a 'game changer'. Thus, if we give him the benefit of the doubt, he still has poor communication skills , but is not so much an idiot or liar.

Jackie Stewart
Jackie Stewart 1 months

I guess he figured, if Louisianna and their Democrating governor can get away with willful ignorance and blame the Trump admin, he'd see if he could get away with it, too.

CommanderVaasDC 1 months

... pardon..

Colin 1 months

This summary is misleading. In the referenced articles it states that he didn’t know that ASYMPTOMATIC people could be contagious. That’s still really unacceptable to just now learn this.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Who wrote this summary? Not only is it completely misleading, but if you read the CNN piece ut is clear that they tried to spin the whole thing too. The summary claims Kemp didn't know the virus was contagious when the original piece claims Kemp said he didn't know that the virus can be transmitted by people without symptoms. This in itself is already a different story. Reading the article through they burry deep into the piece that he was only referring to a recent update done by the CDC on March 30th!

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 1 months

This obviously tells us about the lack of intelligence in Georgia. They have listened to Trump and Fox News for too long. Both are killing thousands of Americans, and those of us who are doing what has been recommended, are being put in jeopardy of the virus taking a foothold in California once again if any of these people travel to our State.

edwin 1 months

Well, not everyone understands the concept of carriers. It happens. Then again considering public education in the US for the last few decades its it's not surprising. Still better than the Reps and Senators that back the we wuz kangz BS.

Sebastian 1 months

he was on an island for the last 2 months smh ignorance

John W
John W 1 months

Personaly I don't much care. the media is trying to make themselves look smart, but they are dumb as rocks. If this guy was a Democrat they would not cover it. The guy may in fact be out of it , but no politician is wearing a mask? what does that say about them all. Biden can't even form a sentence, or make sense for full interviews. Biden rambling

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

People of Georgia, congratulations on the leader you chose to govern you! In a mere two weeks he will learn that PPE may slow the spread of the virus and that the CDC is actually in his state. Fear not, you are in great hands (which will put on latex gloves in two weeks once he discovers their importance, just bear with him for now)!

Clint 1 months

Well it's no suprise that the governor of state with people who are incredibly gullible and under educated is himself ignorant. If you fish is fresh water you can only catch fresh water fish

Fin 1 months

Don't explain your inexcusable babble n choice to waste time thus putting ur fellow citizens at risk... U willfully n wantonly chose to ignore common sense facts and data. Sadly the consequences of your choices will be reflected in the death toll of your states residents... Stop laying at feet of the cdc the president and vice president have recommended over n over to socially distance.... In fact vice president called for SD in his first covid team briefing... Neither of em should have to call any gov to order them to get with the program in a pandemic... Ur failure n wasted time actually show u don't respect either nor any scientist or health care member... U were not looking out for ur citizens just a power punk who thought it was cute to assume its a blue disease n in ur feeble willfully ignorant mind u assume if ur a red gop Trumper you had automatic immunity... Damn fool

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 months

This guy needs to be re called as soon as possible. He is a complete fool. The CDC is in his state's Capital Atlanta. How can you possible form a plan to fight a virus if you do not have basic knowledge about its characteristics. You know: how does it travel, how long does it last, what is the mortality rate. This a colossal fool running a state full ov Citizens.

Jon 1 months

This just in, elected official lacks medical degree, has not trained in research methodology. Big surprise that he didn't know all about a disease that wasn't even affecting humans this time last year.

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