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China, Oregon sending over 1,100 ventilators to NY, says Cuomo

China, Oregon sending over 1,100 ventilators to NY, says Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that New York has secured a planeload of ventilators from China, and Oregon is sending a shipment of its own. The state got 1,000 ventilators after the Chinese government facilitated a donation from billionaires Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai. Oregon had volunteered to send 140 more breathing machines. ’It’s going to make a significant difference for us’, Cuomo said.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Wait, states can do things without the federal government telling them to do it?! Who will the MSM blame if things don't work out? Oh that's right, still Trump's fault no matter what happens. (Add collective sigh as no change to the status quo.)

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 7 months

Oh god they got Chineese Ventillitaors at a time where China is sending out faulty equipment and medical supplies to stifle other countries cure efforts.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 7 months

Wow. A thousand ventilators. Great job China. The media will be happy to just forget about all of the equipment you stole! Anything for daddy Xi!

Fin 7 months

Anybody treating covid patients with hyperbaric air chambers yet. Could perhaps reduce those who have digressed to point of needing ventilators.. Perhaps that with the drug therapies to slow it down can increase recovery rates

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 7 months

Test them first. Both for Covid and if they actually work. Over 80% of recent medical supplies from China has been faulty in serious ways.

Pocky 7 months

I would suggest serious test on any equipment from China. Seem to be "accidently" sending defective or infectious products recently.

Steve 7 months

China Lied people died, after this is over Chy-Na needs to be made to pay, I will not be buying anything from Chy-Na going forward the who knew Chy-Na was covering up, they have attacked the entire planet with this man made virus

CommanderVaasDC 7 months

Wtf is up with your officials buying and accepting shit from China with all the faulty reports coming through. Like are they purposefully try to infect the people.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 7 months

So China steals facemasks first when they needs them, but then send ventilators? Come on...

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 7 months

Was NY so unprepared that brokeboy Oregon of all places has to help them? Lol. Thank god I don’t live in NY!

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