5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is ’dangerous nonsense’, says UK

5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is ’dangerous nonsense’, says UK

The UK strongly refuted a conspiracy theory that links 5G mobile telecommunications masts to the spread of the novel coronavirus. When questioned about the so called ’theory’ that 5G telecommunications masts could play a role in the spread of the disease, British Cabinet Officer said, ’That is just dangerous nonsense’. Mobile phone masts have in recent days been vandalized in some parts.

Steve 1 months

Exactly 5G is poisonous to humans in a completely different way, Derek Broze I think his name is educated houston Town Council on the realities of 5G

Brandon 1 months

Take this free time in quarantine u have to read the chapter in a physics text book about electromagnetic radiation and you'll understand why 5g is not a health issue.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 1 months

Seriously. Why is UK government this shit at understanding danger of China's fully government propped telecom company? Price of a contract is not the only thing that matters! Listen to the US and take a look and what happens when China gets influence, like that WHO pupper who isn't a real doctor even.

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