New York governor sees ’return to normalcy’ with rapid coronavirus testing

New York governor sees ’return to normalcy’ with rapid coronavirus testing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that with mass rapid testing available in the state in coming weeks ( after the peak of the coronavirus crisis passes ), people who are negative and not vulnerable of the virus could be identified and allowed to go back to work. ’I think you see the return to normalcy when we have an approved rapid testing program that can be brought to scale,’ Cuomo said.

porcus 1 months

It's hard to believe him when he has lied repeatedly about their need for ventilators. Or how many he already has, stored in a warehouse, in New Jersey of all places.

Fin 1 months

That's right u can also properly triage patients so it's not swarming into negative areas in treatment locations

John W
John W 1 months

Ok we better have exact numbers and location of all delivered ventilators. There had not better be thousands of ventilators missing in some new jersey warehouses. We need observers on the ground counting people on ventilators. I'm sorry but these guy's are crazy dishonest and political in every disaster.

Mathan 1 months

This pandemic has brought out the worst in the trumptards.

Connie 1 months

Letshpjust say I'm a little skepticaskeptical. Ventilators are not disposable, last I heard, people are getting bett er everyday, mo longer needing them, others, sadly, are dying. One has to wonder about stockpiling and then selling to the highest bidder.

Scorpio 1 months

Is this before or after tapping into the stockpile?

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 1 months

NY: 4,159 deaths ( 0.0214% of the total population) USA: 9,246 deaths ( 0.0028% of the total population)

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