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Biden ’lashed out’ at HHS chief Becerra over migrant children: NYT

Biden ’lashed out’ at HHS chief Becerra over migrant children: NYT

According to the NYT, President Biden reportedly lashed out at HHS Secretary Becerra over his department’s handling of migrant children. Biden ’lashed out’ at Becerra in a March 30 Oval Office meeting when Becerra allegedly failed to have answers for questions about the agency’s ability to take care of migrant kids. Politico quoting sources alleged that Becerra is seen as indecisive.

Erich 0 months

How is Becerra supposed to respond? “Well, sir, your openness to allowing illegal immigrants a path to full citizenship has contributed immensely to the huge increase in illegal border crossings.”

bobby_5150 0 months

Joe, maybe there wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't opened up the borders.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

The NYT article is about Putun, I think. The obsession with detail sounds like early Alzheimers. When my mom started down that path, she would spend all day every day balancing her checkbook. It's clear he has issues. It was clear when he was running for President. I don't understand why anyone would want to vote for someone who obviously has cognitive issues. The fact that he won makes me really wonder about the election. To me it shows that there really is a puppetmaster running thing behind the scenes. The president and our legislative body, the judicial system aren't in control. They're figureheads

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

All political spin to try and make it look like Beijing Biden is getting tough on illegal immigrants, also known as invaders. Make no mistake the Democrats did this on purpose. Their operatives, NGOs and Lawyers, were organizing in Latin and Central America this invasion for years. They have been working with and paying the Cartels and bribing government officials. Beijing Biden coming out and feigning outrage of his manufactured border crises is no different than the Organized crime boss feigning concern over small business owners being driven out of business by the Organized crime boss's soldiers at the behest of the Organized crime boss. Don't let the propaganda machine, the Privacy Piracy Industry's disinformation confuse you. Beijing Biden and his Communist Black Shirts created this problem because human trafficking is an income stream for the DNC. Human trafficking is big business for the DNC, their NGOs, including Evangelical and Catholic Charities. The estimated market cap of Human Trafficking is over 3 trillion dollars worldwide, more than even the gambling industry's 2.5 trillion.

John W
John W 0 months

Did he tell hime he was fat? Claim he beat him in fight?

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 0 months

This is nothing more than cobra commander getting pissed that G.I. Joe defeated them yet again. With a cattle stampede.....its destros fault. And I'm sure the twins were involved ...go figure. Yo Joe........

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Deport these illegal invaders. Thus is an invasion and should be considered an act of war. When will AMERICANS forn a militia and defend our border from these things

MIDESSA 0 months

Unlike the previous administration this one requires a certain level of competence from it's people not simply if they are loyal to an egotist.

James 0 months

Californians are none too shocked. Maybe Biden should lash out at himself making a guy with no healthcare experience head of HHS.

Sigfried 0 months

"Obsession with details" 😂💀 Gee, NYT, maybe 't's because he has a hard time remembering them?

dan 0 months

I thought he put harris in charge? he should be yelling at her

Shane 0 months

I love how they always say "lashed out." Like Biden would be capable..

chris 0 months

What exactly did he say? Was it cogent or was it a rambling about kids on the lawn?

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Lol, thinking about geriatric Joe trying to lash out at someone. Sit down grandad.

Hollowhammer 0 months

Are we sure he didnt just lash out because he is old and has dementia? Maybe someone forgot his pudding? In all seriousness though Old Quid Pro Joe could just reinstate Trump's policies which were very effective. But Orange man bad and all not likely to happen.

Eric 0 months

He probably lashed out...I remember what my dad used to say in scranton....

RoseMary 0 months

What are you afraid of immigrants taking your jobs or taking over America. 😂

David 0 months

Sounds like he's gonna sell out his own guys to avoid responsibility.

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