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SpaceX Starship prototype implodes during pressure testing

SpaceX Starship prototype implodes during pressure testing

One of SpaceX’s Starship prototypes imploded last week, suffering a complete meltdown during a pressure test. The result was what appeared to be the total destruction of the Starship SN3 prototype. The exact cause of the prototype failure will need to be investigated by SpaceX. Elon Musk noted the failure ’may have been a test configuration mistake’.

Seekster 7 months

SN3 is dead. Ling live SN4. For those that don't know SpaceX is testing by doing. Essentially they are going to keep building Starships, each one better than the last with small tweaks to the design and construction process. It is expected that there will be many failures early on but sooner rather than later (probably this year) the design will work. When Starship becomes operational (probably by 2023) we will experience a revolution in Space Travel.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 7 months

I'm very surprised by this. It's not like SpaceX to make a mistake like this in something which should have been easily modelled and calculated before hand. Obviously this is why you do this kind of testing but it frankly should have been a near tick box exercise. Humanity has been constructing pressure hulls for a century now. I hope it was a test set up error.

Anony 7 months

And this is exactly why you do testing.

Unity.Nat 7 months

Space X is quite frankly crap. Run by an Egomaniac while being used as a scam for Elon to exploit.

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 7 months

More like imploded. Is cryo temp material released to the atmosphere steam?

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