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Trump says it was ’inappropriate’ of Captain to go outside the chain of command

Trump says it was ’inappropriate’ of Captain to go outside the chain of command

President Trump said Saturday it was ’inappropriate’ for the former USS Theodore Roosevelt commander to send a letter warning that action was needed to save the lives of his crew from an outbreak of COVID-19 aboard the aircraft carrier. Capt. Brett Crozier was relieved of his command this week for what was called ’poor judgment’. ’I thought it looked terrible, to be honest with you’, Trump said.

Jason 7 months

Americans expect the military to stand ready at all times to defend this nation. Leaked memo from a ships captain explaining how degraded our defense is might be just what would be enemies are hoping to hear. People get it confused sometimes. The mission is ALWAYS first. Always.

Tyler 7 months

So he pardoned an insubordinate, murdering war criminal, and then fired this hero. The blood of so many is already on his hands. I just wish that people could see this man for what he really is. He's a conman, a charlatan. I learned when I was younger by dealing with conmen one important fact...If you can't see the con, then YOU are the mark.

Fin 7 months

I thought entire premise of being a trumpist ideology was to not be politically correct or appropriate.. Guess not... George Patton often inappropriate... N his men loved him for looking out for them... Thank God the commander spoke up... It was his moral duty to protect his men in a non war health crisis.. Go real navy

Syrocynical 7 months

As they say, loose lips sink ships. Oppurtunist nations may be looking at incidents like this and might start thinking the US military is weak leading to a possible war.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 7 months

More leakers and media sensationalizing and sowing panic. What else is new?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Malcom Nance sounds like a complete idiot.

The Raven
The Raven 7 months

That captain is a f*^cking hero. Fair winds and following seas, ship mate.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 7 months

I guess wanting to keep his sailors from getting infected is such a bad thing

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 7 months

Well Captain Bonespurs can take his service dodging ideals and stay the hell away from the military. How did people ever vote for this overgrown toddler?

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