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Senator Loeffler cashed in before the market crashed

Senator Loeffler cashed in before the market crashed

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) sold millions worth of travel related stocks after receiving classified briefings in her role in the U.S. Senate, which prompted an insider-trading investigation. Loeffler denied any wrongdoing saying her money is managed by a 3rd-party manager but has not identified who. Senators Burr, Feinstein, and others who avoided major losses have also denied wrongdoing.

Jason 7 months

An investigation will bring to light any illegal activity. If its a bad as it looks, i hope the punishment is swift and steep.

IvoryDove 7 months

Like Biden helping his son become a millionaire, many of our "representatives" in DC are cashing in at our expense.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 7 months

I for one agree that smart financial decisions should be punishable by law. I’m absolutely ecstatic to see this story posted for the fifth time with absolutely zero substance. I’ve got to go now. The cops are banging at my door to arrest me for also selling my stocks and purchasing non perishable food when I saw this coming months in advance. So long!

Mutatis 7 months

These stories are just click bait at this point, as they never provide anything beyond more speculation.

Hershel 7 months

Every single solitary time a leftist dumps stock, which has been quite a few just in the last few months, we're reminded that there is no such thing as insider trading when you're part of the elite. So why does this non-issue so prominently call attention to one republican who sold stock based on a shutdown every damn one of us knew was going to happen?

Adam 7 months

I want to think they acted in a moral and ethical way towards the information they were provided and did not short the market. I am losing faith in the federal and state governments everyday. I love my country but not my government.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 7 months

It's strange. I was taking my stocks out around the same time as these so called "insiders". A fucking pandemic was sweeping the world, did you think the stock market was going to go up?

Fin 7 months

Another scumbag in gop who tells her constituents one thing while profiting off the truth thinking nobody is looking... No integrity.. No ethics.. No business to be a senator.. Just a user..

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 months

Being a member of Congress is the biggest get rich scheme in America

Cerberus Rex
Cerberus Rex 7 months

G O P = greedy old politicians

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