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Fired Navy captain Brett Crozier tests positive for coronavirus

Fired Navy captain Brett Crozier tests positive for coronavirus

Navy Captain Brett Crozier, who was removed after he sounded the alarm about a COVID-19 outbreak aboard aircraft carrier Roosevelt he commanded, has tested positive for the virus. Crozier began exhibiting symptoms before he was removed from the ship Thursday. Crozier was dismissed after his letter to his seniors stating the lack of resources on the ship to prevent infections was published in media

Fin 7 months

Get well commander.. No matter what is said about u or done to u... U did the right thing to protect ur crew.. And u. Willalways have their loyalty.... Go real navy

Carol 7 months

Honestly, with this admin, I would not "trust" them with the lives of our servicemen/women, we are "all" at risk! Trump leaves nothing, but wasted lives everywhere he goes; he and those who join with him are like a destructive peril for all in their path.

Clint 7 months

This administration doesn't respect those who have given their lives defending this nation. Trump have the nerve to call an email about his concerns for his men and women out of line warranting removal. I bet if this was an email ending with how devoted and beholden he was to our dear fuhrer donny he wouldn't be fired.

Blaeingr 7 months

It's too bad that Capt. Crozier has COVID, I hope that he recovers. His actions though, if what has been reported is correct, are not excusable. Military readiness reports, including readiness to deploy reports for ships are classified documents depending on the information they contain and they always fall under OPSEC rules. Consequently, what he did was tantamount to violating those rules and regulations. Additionally, issues with the health of the crew are taken seriously, but response does take time... its it's not like we can flip a switch and replace a carrier and its crew in a few days. While I respect his actions, I do not condone them.

John W
John W 7 months

This needs to be investigated. did he immediately make info public? Or did he run this though chain of command first? We can't have activist officer thinking they can just run every complaint to the press. Without the details, it's hard to say if he was right or wrong.

Fin 7 months

The Feds same knuckleheads who went after the airline captain that landed in the Hudson n then tried to ruin his career till it was proved in fact that landing saved lives

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 7 months

Clearly people have no idea about chain of command and its importance within the military.. your not an individual but a part of the the bigger organism called the military... There were other ways besides blasting on unsecure channels & publicly that we should rest a huge section of our fighting power.. till this virus blows over.. loose lips sink ships!

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