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Gov. Cuomo’s popularity surges amid coronavirus crisis

Gov. Cuomo’s popularity surges amid coronavirus crisis

Despite New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings surging through the ceiling, he has maintained that he is not interested in running for the post of President of the United States. Many people have suggested that Mr. Cuomo would make a better Democratic nominee as compared to current front runner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

YourHighness 7 months

Coumo is great but loosely speaking, even a potted plant would be better than a conman President.

Fin 7 months

He tells the ugly truth n he works for his citizens heartbreaking as it has been...

Vashman 7 months

New York State resident here, he sucks. This state has a lot of great things to offer and the government isn't one of them.

james 7 months

President Cuomo!

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 7 months

For having the most cases of Corona 19 in America?. Makes perfect sense.

susan 7 months


David F
David F 7 months


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