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India lifts ban on exporting hydroxychloroquine

India lifts ban on exporting hydroxychloroquine

The Indian government has decided to partially lift the ban on the export of two key drugs, hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol. The move comes two days after President Trump requested PM Modi for an urgent supply of the drug. On Monday, Trump threatened ’retaliation’ were India to hold up supplies. India banned the export of 24 drugs as the country went into lockdown to ensure domestic supplies.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 7 months

Wait lmao, if you just read the article it isn't even a threat. Trump was just saying that if you put a ban on an experimental drug that could potentially save thousands you'd obviously encounter some retaliation.

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 7 months

A lot of these comments are completely nonsensical. It was kind of a threat without it being one. Trump is right to ask what he thinks is best for his nation but the issue is he is strong-arming "allies" and disregarding the impact it could have later on others.

Alex 7 months

So, Trump tells Modi to jump and Modi asks how high? Got it.🙄

riven 7 months

Stealing masks bound for other countries. Demanding drugs from 3rd world nations cause they can't make anything themselves anymore. Americans talk big about morals and values. They're just a bunch of Pirates.

kate 7 months

Why the surprise when we know that America First policy literally means they are first for everything sometimes at the expense of others 😟

Lori 7 months

India is such a poor country, figure's trump would threaten them, with a drug the FDA hasn't approved yet!

Pryotra 7 months

*Knock knock* It's the United States. "Open the country. Stop having it be closed. We want to buy pills."

Decoy 7 months

Reminder that studies were already done by India and China on this drug showing no improvement for covid-19 over those not on the drug. Any limits to its availability for treating covid-19 is of benefit for the people who actually need it.

James 7 months

Thank you India, I am most grateful. U.S. I hope we have learned many lessons from this experience. It is my belief that we need to bring production back home and reduce our DEPENDENCE on other countries, while fostering an opportunity for all countries to be a successful partner of world trade without an overwhelming dominance. I know, a tall order, even tiny steps are a success. Thank you again India.

Carol 7 months

Why do these countries not ban together against a bully?!! So very sad and disheartening to watch "corruption" being thrown about as if he's a king, he's not nor will he ever be in my eyes!

John W
John W 7 months

Cool now liberals have something to clean their fish tanks with.

Fin 7 months

This drug does not address the cytokine response storm that ends up taking one's fact if mis administered it contributes to it by creating hypotensive dysrythmia n hyperkalemic imbalance. Thus creating a spiral into organ failure on patients on vents .I bet that is y France stopped using it for covid... Think atypical antihistamines... To arrest the crs crisis...

IndependentMind 7 months

Paracetamol is glorified ibprophine - how's that helpful?

John 7 months

Trump just making friends all over the world he’s such a great asset to the wonderful people of the United States

WWG1WGA 7 months

AMERICA FIRST you do as your told

⚓️ᔕIᔕᑌGIᖇᒪ🌊 7 months

Agolf Twitler is akin to a childhood bully who never grew up and is never held accountable for his actions (or lack, thereof). Please Stay Safe!!! 🇫🇮

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 7 months

Seeing as how these are potential key components in fighting the virus, yeah, it makes sense to get in India's face about this

Sebastian 7 months

Two Faced USA likes to streal masks and gets mad when others do it to them.

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