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Tiger in New York zoo tests positive for coronavirus

Tiger in New York zoo tests positive for coronavirus

Even tigers are not spared of the COVID-19 in New York! A 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the virus after developing a dry cough, the Wildlife Conservation Society said in a statement. The statement also says that three African lions are also showing symptoms of the disease. The tiger is believed to have contracted the virus by an asymptomatic zoo employee.

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting 7 months

Joe Exotic will have a cure in 24 hours

Fin 7 months

Damn n the species so endangered already

Victoria 7 months

I heard someone inquire about what itd mean for humankind if this strain of corona virus could spread to wild animals and back to us again. It looks like we might be inching closer to that reality.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 7 months

Just wait until birds pick up the virus and start passing it back to humans

Jamie 7 months

Hey all you cool cats and kittens

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 7 months

Why are they testing a tiger? Why not PEOPLE WHO ARE SCARED THEY MAY BE SPREADING THIS.

Andrew 7 months

Should keep infected farmers away from farmed livestock. Imagine if it got into sheep, cow's etc and then could be passed back to humans via processed meat while still fresh.

Anony 7 months

From bats, to people, to tigers. I'm not liking how contagious this is.

Jamie 7 months

hey all you cool cats and kittens

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