New York City to bury its dead in public parks as morgues near full capacity

New York City to bury its dead in public parks as morgues near full capacity

As New York City grapples with the coronavirus crisis, authorities have announced that victims of coronavirus might be temporarily buried in public parks of the city as the city’s morgues are nearly full. The city council health committee’s chairman said that New York City’s morgues are currently facing ’the equivalent of an ongoing 9/11’ due to the coronavirus crisis.

Tom A
Tom A
Lover 1 months

At this point I don't believe a single word Cuomo spits out. People want to talk about a liar? Don't point your finger at Trump, point it right at New York's dope of a governor.

Rocky 1 months

158 a day is too much for their morgue system? I smell bullshit all over this story. The totals have been leveling off as well. Why so much manufactured panic? I don't understand what the media has been hoping to accomplish by peddling fear. Does this make them money in some way?

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

This was a brain storming session in mayor De Bozzo's office. More Democratic political theater than actual strategies to deal with the problem. But that is the thing with communist. They are never about solutions. They are all about fixing the blame not the problem.

OkGo! 1 months

Can’t we just cremate them?

Fin 1 months

Really..... Sad..... What about skatink rink indoors... Or fitting all those containers that sit wasted on Ports with refridge.. U have hvac folks who could rig em.... Or unused ware house areas again hvac folks could rig a set up.... N why r u not sending non covid ambulance emergencies over to the comfort

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 1 months

this is a way to accuse trump of killing innocent people who died from covid to incite treason against the president in some way to turn the people against him . this is a way of a reminder to stand against the president to incite outrage while covering up their utter hatred and murderous attitude for common folk who don't count. there is certainly other options but they choose this. this will cause some other nasty disease to take its place while lefties drink bourbon and curse trump. gotta love their devotion to the satan and death. if only Christians were as dedicated.

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