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NYC official whose mom died of coronavirus says Trump ’has blood on his hands’

NYC official whose mom died of coronavirus says Trump ’has blood on his hands’

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer said that Trump has ’blood on his hands’ after he lost his mother to the COVID-19 infection. Slamming Trump for his handling of the pandemic, Stringer was specifically angry because the hospital ship USNS Comfort that was sent to NY had not accepted coronavirus patients. His mother Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, a former NYC councilwoman, died Friday at the age of 86.

Robert_Clearwater 7 months

"Let me just use my mother's body as soapbox so I can criticize my president" thought the nobody. "People will call me brave and I'm such a victim and my mother is dead and orange man bad" the nobody quipped to himself.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 7 months

Imagine having such a severe case of TDS that you blame him for a death from a pandemic. My God.

filchface 7 months

Bravo! Way to use your mother’s death as a political weapon against the all-powerful-Orange -man-Trump. What, so between his media trolling, impeachment battling, and running our country, he finds the time to murder little old ladies? Get out of here already!

CommanderVaasDC 7 months

So... the ship should compromise everything for your mom? I thought the ship had circulated ventilation so having covid on board would be pointless.

JustMy.02 7 months

Wow what were the odds of a NYC Democrat politician using the tragic death of his own mother to score political points? No doubt a real longshot, must have been 1.5 to 1🤔

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

My condolences for your loss. My mother is the only parental figure I've had, so I couldn't imagine how painful that could be for you. But that said, no, trump has no blood on his hand for a Chinese born virus. Stop letting your emotions cloud your judgement and get help for you TDS.

space ghost
space ghost 7 months

Just shit up you baby your mom was old, an unpresadented virus attacked the planet it’s not Trumps fault. Love, The American people

TheWeakMinded 7 months

His mom is the lucky one, she doesn't have to deal with a piece of trash son any more

Pj 7 months

If your blaming trump and not china you are very misguided.

Scott 7 months

Trump didn't kill your mother you fool...

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 7 months

I have read the comments made, and I'm sickened by the harsh statements coming out of your mouths. Each one of you is a Trump cultist and lack any compassion just as he does. I would imagine that the majority of you have never accepted responsibility for your actions, but found a way to always blame others. Just another Trump cultist trait. Your inability to see the truth when it is staring you in the face is shameful. You've managed to bury your heads in the sand for so long, I'm not sure if your brains are still functioning. Trump failed to act in a timely manner and history will reflect this, and each of you will be part of that history. Many of these deaths likely could have been avoided if it weren't for his irresponsible behavior and his only caring about his political future. I will be anxious to see how you cultist feel when some of you contract this virus and die. Will you maybe see that Trump does, in fact, have death or blood on his hands?

Rae 7 months

Are you kidding???

themdg 7 months

So, he's mad because there was room in the boat hospital while his mom died (RIP) waiting for a room in a land hospital or something? All he says is "... the government is supposed to be able to protect the people."

tenoclock 7 months

Ladies and gentlemen we are seeing TDS at a level never thought possible before!

Hershel 7 months

I can't imagine how this sniveling tribe ever got to be hated so much as to be wrongfully accused of doing absolutely nothing to be hated 109 times! Let's make it 110.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 7 months

Of course, a leftist source.

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