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Dem lawmaker endorses Trump call for pushing hydroxychloroquine

Dem lawmaker endorses Trump call for pushing hydroxychloroquine

Democratic Michigan state Rep. Whitsett, during an appearance on Fox News endorsed Trump’s call for Americans to have a chance at taking drug hydroxychloroquine. She has said that once she was tested positive for coronavirus, her health plummeted, however within a couple hours of taking the drug, it improved. Trump has said earlier, people who are critical should be allowed the chance to take it.

porcus 7 months

Waiting for the deranged users to start posting about how she should be charged with crimes against humanity for her reckless and irresponsible attempt to profit off of the deaths of her fellow Americans. Or maybe they will write her a stern letter telling her that the FDA hasn't approved of this and what she is doing is horrible just HORRIBLE. :D

Rhokanth 7 months

Trump probably has saved more lives than people realize. You can also notice during press conferences he now speaks much more thoroughly, calmly than usual. I'm starting to buy into the 4d chess thing a little (but with skepticism). Either way, he has been the best leader of my lifetime.

Fin 7 months

One question... Did she have arthritis or lupus... Could be that condition enhanced drug effectiveness.... N that's a good thing... But it's important link to knowing safety cause the drug carries serious side effects per fatal heart arrhythmia..

chad joice
chad joice 7 months

Waiting for all the Republictards to give credit to trump for ending ww2 and inventing penicillin

Max Bants
Max Bants 7 months

Good to know not all "dems" are mouth-foaming TDR sufferers

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