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Charities demand end to China’s wild meat craze and urge market ban

Charities demand end to China’s wild meat craze and urge market ban

More than 200 wildlife groups in a letter to the WHO have urged countries to shut down wild animal markets, and asked the WHO to raise alarm about the risks posed to human health by the wildlife trade. The letter also called for initiatives to find alternative sources of protein, ’Once Covid-19 is behind us, returning to business as usual cannot be an option,’ said, Dr Mark Jones, of Born Free.

porcus 5 months

Not going to happen. China does not have an FDA equivalent, and the makers of food, baby formula, vaccines, etc have been caught having adulturated their products with all kinds of stuff (formaldehyde, for example) in order to make a few more pennies. The wet markets are one way for the Chinese people to locate food that has been butchered fresh in front of them and which is guaranteed to not be contaminated. And Westerns are saying "stahp"? They won't, not without another solution in place to guarantee that the food is not contaminated.

LoveMyCats 5 months

Please stop eating the bat and the cat

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 5 months

It's actually a huge logistical problem for China, treating proper nutrition and food of its people as an after thought, and people resolving to "Bush meat" to get some real nutrition, though very problematic. If you ask China to shut down their wet markets, they will have an uprising and another revolution because their food supply and production is surprise surprise centrally planned, so unreliable and of low quality.

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