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Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City leave 42 dead

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City leave 42 dead

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City flattened three buildings and killed at least 42 people Sunday, in the deadliest attack over the last week. Israeli PM Netanyahu said Sunday the attacks were continuing at ’full-force’ and will ’take time.’ ’Israel ’wants to levy a heavy price’ from Gaza’s Hamas rulers, he said. The airstrikes Sunday hit a downtown street of residential buildings and storefronts.

Epirus 0 months

Hamas attacks then runs and hides behind women and children. Their base is under a hospital...the only thing between Hamas and Israel are civilians.

michael 0 months

If they truly wanted to hurt hamas, they could send special forces squads. This is an extension of Israel's recent violent evictions which triggered the hamas rocket attacks in the first place. Israel is only interested in turning palestinians into the same kind of refugees they used to be.

Alex 0 months

You either know and understand the history around these events, or you don't. If you don't know the history, don't have an opinion, cause I guarantee you will form a rather embarassing opinion otherwise. Don't be sensationalized and radicalized by the media on the topic either.

Seekster 0 months

Evict Hamas from Gaza and you will immediately improve the lives of the people of Gaza.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Islamic militants employ a form of asymmetrical warfare known colloquially as guerilla warfare. A central tactic of guerilla warfare is to eschew traditional military uniforms and regalia and instead hide amongst a civilian population. Islamic militants in particular have developed quite the liking to using human shields, ISIS is a very recent and great example. My point is that it should be assumed that Hamas would attempt to blend in with innocent bystanders.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

Let’s hope that Hamas is evicerated by the end of this. The normal Palestinians should move to Egypt or Lebanon, no reason to stay while the fighting continues.

Alex 0 months

Israel has become a pariah state. Seems like they've forgotten about the lessons learned from the Holocaust.

Blind 0 months

There is something that needs to be understood, they have been rocketing each other for F-ing ever. It needs to end and it is only going to end when Gaza wins of Isreal wins.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 0 months

For 4 years under Trump nothing like this came about. Even Hamas was quiet. Probably because their Turkish, Qatari and Iranian sponsors were afraid of consequences from Trump if they enabled Hamas. Now all hell is breaking loose. There and in a different way on our own border as well. Elections have consequences, ME instability , illegal immigration run amok, $ 5 gas and inflation of all commodities, Russia and China emboldened-atracks on Constitutional rights including one legal vote per citizen- these are the consequences so far of the last election . And we have 3.7 years left of this sort of leadership. Scary.

Randall 0 months

Yeah, that "minister" sure loves killing people.

Randall 0 months

Gaza Fights For Freedom (2019) full documentary, Abby Martin. Link:

Change Matters
Change Matters 0 months

With Trump gone the corporate press needs this war for ratings.

good4you 0 months

US will get to decide who live and who die as usual, who get what and which side of the human life is more worth than the others .

eclipseNF 0 months

K!ll their women and children Israel

Jaxson 0 months

I’m surprised there isn’t UN intervention

Johnson 0 months

Make it 10042, lets get this party started. F the Paleo-stiens and the AP...constant lying and drama. Go Israel, our only real friend in the middle east.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

So is this why ppl belive that the Isrealies are bad?

JiggyQ 0 months

This is terrorism

Jon 0 months

Airstikes and artillery into a crowded city for years, and their all time record is 42. Is that counting enemy combatants?

eclipseNF 0 months

Israel wants to annex Palestine

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