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Stephanie Grisham moves from WH press secretary to First Lady’s chief of staff

Stephanie Grisham moves from WH press secretary to First Lady’s chief of staff

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham announced plans on Tuesday to leave the position to become Melania Trump’s chief of staff. An administration official said she is expected to be replaced by a spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, Kayleigh McEnany. The move is reported to reflect the influence of Mark Meadows, who became Trump’s chief of staff last month.

JustMy.02 5 months

Its Sarahs fault. That b**ch had sharp elbows and knew how to use them. Make no mistake President Trump loved Sarah Sanders in that role as WHPS. She was exactly the right man for the job. What Trump needed in that position. The meek need not apply😳

Israel 5 months

After doing exactly 0 press releases. What was all that about draining the swamp? Between giving people no show jobs and funneling money directly into his businesses, how is Trump different than any corporate owned politician. Seems like he's just making his friends and himself richer while leaving the average American out to die.

Carol 5 months

Who the heck cares?!!

daryl 5 months

Union individuals do not deserve a payment spending off hours in pair with harassment marching orders from the nearest high witch

michael 5 months

she didn't last very long did she?

Major Inquirer
Major Inquirer 5 months

Kayleigh McEnany named new WHPS. Trump's the worst sexist I've ever seen

Fin 5 months

Good ridence seriously suxed in the former position... A real pow

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