Tesla plans pay cuts across the board until Q2

Tesla plans pay cuts across the board until Q2

Tesla aims to restart production at its California plant by May 4. However, prior to that it aims to implement pay cuts beginning 13th April. Employees at the VP level and above will witness pay cuts of 30% while directors & higher will have 20% salary cuts. Pay for rest US employees to be cut by 10%. Apart from these, similar cuts are planned for overseas staff & are expected to last till Q2.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

Make it 5% for your lower scales employees and 45 percent for everyone else

Jack 1 months

This is wise. It is a new one a reaction to a large complicated problem. I continue to be excited to see what Tesla will do next. I think this ensures it will be there to do it.

James 1 months

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