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WHO denies being ’China-centric’ after Trump criticism

WHO denies being ’China-centric’ after Trump criticism

WHO officials denied that the body was ’China-centric’ and said defunding it, as Trump has threatened, would hardly be timely now. US contributions to WHO in 2019 exceeded $400 million, in comparison China contributed $44 million. Dr Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to the WHO DG said its work with Beijing was important to understand the outbreak, and ’ had nothing to do with China specifically.’

Yoshiki 4 months

Of course he's gonna deny it, doesn't matter as the west should just cut all fundings to WHO and let their Communist partners run the shitshow. Same goes for the UN, joke of an organization, voting totalitarian regimes into their human rights committee, the west needs to stop support to these bullshit organizations ASAP.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 4 months

The UN has created more problems than it has solved.The developed world owes the rest of the world nothing. Countries receiving foreign aid all resent that they're not receiving more. Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. The UN experiment has failed. Time to end the farce.

Samaritan 4 months

So that means Taiwan can be a member right?

Doom Guy
Doom Guy 4 months

Just a heads up the scum (aka dr tedro, who isn't even a real doctor) in the pic was part of the Communist party in Ethiopia. They killed a bunch of their own people on thanks giving. To the smooth brain's who don't know any history quit shilling for communists, they are the same people who say "I'm helping you" as they stomp their boot into your face. This ideology has killed hundreds of millions of people. When I say this it's not because of war but because of famine and the transition from an old system to a communist one as well as keeping your people "in line".

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 4 months

WHO's inaction and denial has plunged the US into the category of Covid $hithole Alpha. Just need China to take ownership of their real count.

Jack 4 months

Time to dissolve the WHO and create a fresh "democracies only" World Health body. The same for the UN. China and it's corrupt followers have ruined both.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

HAHA ok man, sure. Its so apparent, not just to the USA but other countries as well. Keep defending a communist dictator ship because of that sweet, sweet china money. You absolute shill. When you parrot Chinese propaganda, its obvious what the truth is

Brian 4 months

Seams like all the WHO does is deny.

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