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Obama would handle COVID-19 better than Trump, shows poll

Obama would handle COVID-19 better than Trump, shows poll

As per a Politico-Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday, a majority (52%) of registered voters believe former President Obama would do a better job at handling the COVID-19 pandemic than President Trump. The same group of respondents said they Trump is being a better leader during the outbreak than Joe Biden would be. 54% of those polled disapproved of Trump’s job performance.

Blaeingr 5 months

A totally unanswerable question given that Obama is not the current president dealing with current factors. Fun fact... during the H1N1 virus response over 1 million Americans had it before his administration declared it as a problem. Was that the right call or the wrong call? I believe it was the decision that was made and that's it.

Zander 5 months

Is "according to x poll" the new "specialists say"? Awful lot of convinient poll results for the media. There probably is some resemblance to the truth, but when stuff gets real they are very often wrong and as the Dem Primary has shown, their results are extremely unstable sometimes. Do polls even really matter? Can anyone trust them?

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 5 months

Sure, I'll buy that is what polls say. Obama was an amazing speaker, and the MSM never pressed him on bad answers. Trump's style of rhetoric is crude at the best of times, and even when he has good news, the MSM looks for openings to turn it around. I have no doubt that if Obama was our president today, we'd all "feel" a lot less worried (as a country), because we wouldn't be pushed into panic. Well, half of us wouldn't be. But he's not president anymore, so we really don't know what he would DO, do we?

Rhokanth 5 months

The way he handled Zika and Swine Flu? By doing nothing? I'm sure.

Carol 5 months

Too bad you didn't appreciate "the man" when he led the country; now look what we have supposedly leading what he hasn't completely destroyed, yet!!

AdamsAudiVlog 5 months

This is obvious but also not constructive and pretty Fkin dumb. Who tf even makes a poll like that. This is the type of stuff that makes me have no faith in our country media and gov anymore. It's all a cluster f of chaos click bait and corruption and STUPID ass polls.

YourHighness 5 months

Obama H1N1 timeline

John W
John W 5 months

He left the airports open to think he would not in this case? He was totally lucky Ebola was not that infectious, and you could see people generally had it. Unlike the Chinese flu.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 5 months

You mean the deporter and Chief ? The one who got a Nobel peace prize while done striking civilians populated areas? Possibly, but I doubt it, especially if the WHO and china spread misinformation and prevented countries from taking the appropriate measures.

dan 5 months

Poll size less then 2000 people Funny info at the end of the poll they ask the favorability of specific people and both trump and pence got 43%, the highest ranking anyone gets! It's only 22 pages read it not the article

Don'tbackNV 5 months

Well given the way he handled h1n1 that's obviously wrong.

Boo 5 months

Obama would solve all of this by... Giving the Iranians another $10b.

JMMA-Z 5 months

Haha good one but April fools was last week!

cam s
cam s 5 months

a poll full of idiots

tim 5 months

Where do they come up with this shit

Commodore 5 months

I'm just here to read the comments from the but hurt idiot #WillfullyIgnorantTrumponians

Plutocratic 5 months

Yes, MSM does amplify all the stupid things that Trump says and he gives them plenty of ammunition. But to pretend that fox didn’t attack Obama every single day seems to be the hypocrisy you live in and fox did it with outright lies. Both presidents served the corporate master but one was a Harvard law professor and the other a TV reality host and Con artist.

🌀W_AS 5 months

The average 7 year old could do a better job, for reals.

TheCurrentModality 5 months

He would simply draw a red line in the sand and Covid wouldn't dare cross! And then he would just drone bomb it everyday for eight years with his magic wand.

Robert 5 months

ANYBODY would handle better!

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