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Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights

Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights

Saudi Arabia has condemned what it called Israel’s ’flagrant violations’ of Palestinian rights, calling on the international community to act urgently to put an end to deadly military operations in the Gaza Strip. The kingdom’s foreign minister condemned the violation of the sanctity of Islamic holy sites and ’forcible’ eviction of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

Blind 0 months

Arabs and Muslims have more human rights in Israel than they do in Soudi

Jellybean 0 months

Same situation, different people: Suppose a group in Mexico that wanted "their" land back started shooting rockets into Texas, trying to hit cities and kill civilians, and then hid in schools, hospitals, and civilian houses. Imagine what would happen. I think Israel shows a lot of restraint.

Sticky 0 months

If Saudi Arabia of all places criticizes your treatment of people and they're right, you really messed up

Kathy 0 months

I wonder what the minister had to say about the rights of Yemeni people

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

If the Saudi’s really cared then they’d welcome the Palestinians to live in their country. These are just empty platitudes.

nathan 0 months

Saudi Arabia...the country terrorists come from, the country with multiple human rights not credible to condemn anyone else. Israel has every right to defend and protect itself.

Alex 0 months

Let us not pretend that anyone involved is in the right here. They are all trying to murder each other.

Test Steam
Test Steam 0 months

I think one of the most important and stark differences. Israel gives AMPLE warning when they want to hit a target. Can you name another country that does that? Palestine return the favour by keeping Israel guessing. So, really can you actually compare? Israel uses precision guided weapon to reduce collateral. Palestine hopes to inflict the most causalities with randomness, numbers and kill what you can mentality.

kate 0 months

Surely both Biden and Johnson must feel the pressure to do the previously unthinkable, to condemn Israel’s actions

Patrick 0 months

Please Israel invade Gaza, take it over, move Jews into the region, and be done with it.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Beijing Biden and his communist Black Shirts getting back into their big business of forever wars. Trump created peace, 5 treaties that ended the scam of American-funded terrorism in the Middle East. Beijing Biden's Black Shirt Communist movement has already begun the purge of American Military Officers that warn about the Communist infiltration of the Armed Forces of the United States Military. It is here folks stolen elections have consequences and appeasement to communists only brings death and destruction. Let it sink in Beijing Biden relieved of Command the Commanding officer of Space Force because he wrote a book about the dangers of communism and the communist capture of American Institutions.

NPCHunter 0 months

Has Saudi Arabia also condemned Hamas for violating the Israeli civilians rights for firing rockets at densely populated cities?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

Is this the same Sauid prince that had a journalist in Turkey hacked into pieces that fit into four small suitcases and they still haven’t found the body? That Saudi Arabia? Yeah, spare me the moral indignation. Your soap box doesn’t go that high.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 0 months

Can't wait for Trumptards to lecture me about how great Saudi-Arabia is and how Saudi-Arabia is one of their great allies in the region.

TexasReb 0 months

All is Fair in Love and War and Irael has every right to defend itself and to use as much force as needed to end the war on their terms. The Palestinians started this war so they can freaking shut up and dodge the incoming. Saudi can stay out of this. They have no skin in the game and Israel isn't doing anything wrong by retaliating to whatever measure that is required to completely end this war started by the Palestinians.

Randy 0 months

If only there was a place where certain Middle Easterners could go to, so they don't have launch missiles their neighbors, and then get bombed back, on a regular basis.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 0 months

If they're all so hung ho to fight each let them let them fight till their people are tired of fighting and either rise up against the warmongers or change the government from within.

Noobs 0 months

I would not expect anything other than this from Saudi. They are not really going to give a fair and balanced view of what is happening. The truth is, they are all bastards.

bill 0 months

... and this from our partners in pulling off the same deadly genocide in Yemen, just to keep realism alive. The silent are either dead or complicit.

Tom 0 months

Human rights you wouldn't even know the meaning of it the suppression that's in your country of women for a start off

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