Acting Navy secretary quits after he ripped Capt. Crozier

Acting Navy secretary quits after he ripped Capt. Crozier

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly has resigned after criticizing an aircraft carrier captain who pleaded for help with a COVID-19 outbreak on his ship. This comes hours after Modly apologized for ridiculing Navy captain Brett Crozier, adding ’I do not think Captain Brett Crozier is naive nor stupid’. Secretary of Defense Esper accepted Modly’s resignation this morning.

IvoryDove 1 months

It was criminal negligence on Crozier's part to publicly reveal that the carrier was not able to perform its responsibilities. It was politically stupid to lambast him in front of his sailors and give the media another arrow in their TDS quiver. Both men deserve to be relieved of duty.

Lev 1 months

Wait a minute so this cake-eating degenerate- is calling a an accomplished Navy Captain who's a commander of an aircraft carrier - a naive idiot and he just gets to resign and walk away. This is the reaction instead of sending a medical supply plane which could land on that aircraft carrier, to bring the necessary supplies and if necessary to evacuate those who are infected so that the aircraft carrier can maintain battle readiness. Remember children, President Trump demands absolute loyalty and it SHOWS when he puts people like this in charge of our military.

D 1 months

Both of them did make mistake, but I don’t they should lose their job for it lol. After all they might be stressed in the suitation they were in.

Fin 1 months

Should have consulted your commander n chief before u trashed a real navy leader running over to guam n running ur mouth.n chastising the crew whom he stood up for in non war... Bet there is more to this as in wanting to screw over a true navy man's career for a while.. No doubt he will get real navy discipline.. But not ur twisted crap... . Bye bye pencil neck... Go real navy.. Get well commander.. For not letting that floating petri dish injury any more sailors... N thank u... Got two nephews in the navy on ships n subs right now.. Stay safe.. All of u always

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 1 months

I hate to think how he would have handled the covid crisis on the ship.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 months

In basic training we learned, "never miss a good chance to shut up."

YourHighness 1 months

It is clear Modly is the one naive and stupid. But he did the right thing by stepping down.

John W
John W 1 months

The Captain failed by letting his crew by getting them infected in vietnam. He let them off the ship, he did not quarantine those that came back. No you don't get to play hero after the fact. I heard the Thomas Modly recording, he came of as intelligent and responsible. I suggest you listen to actual recording.

Mutatis 1 months

After reading the transcript of his speech, I am not sure if I agree with his overt assumption that the captain intentionally sought the leak of his letter. However, I can comprehend why he removed the Crozier if he is sincere in his reasoning. Finally, regardless of whether I agree with Esper's rationale, I find it a bit over the ridiculous that he is now resigning over what was merely a poor presentation of his reasoning to the men on the carrier.

John W
John W 1 months

Actual recording. Listen then decide

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 months

Crozier was hand-picked by the Navy Top Brass to captain a flagship carrier. He was more than up to the job, always. An outbreak of a highly contagious virus on board his carrier is an exceptional situation, and it seems very likely that the Top Brass weren't responding to his pleas, given the highly sensitive nature of where the carrier was stationed at the time. Crozier knew full well he was likely to be relieved of his position if he wrote that email. He still wrote it anyway. The man's a f*ckin hero. His actions most definitely saved lives amongst his crew who would've died needlessly. I would've done the same in his position and you are no human being if you wouldn't have done. I feel ever so slightly sorry for Modly though cos he was in a no-win scenario working for this WH with this situation and he knew it. But then you don't join this particular administration expecting to keep your hotseat for any length of time anyway, he knew his time at the top probably wouldn't last long.

porcus 1 months


John W
John W 1 months

Both sides mishandled this.

JustMy.02 1 months

The Secretary of the Navy called a war ship Captain “stupid” for going outside of command and publishing his grievances to the world? Where is this horrible language coming from. What has the Navy become a bunch of sailors?

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 months

Both were out of line and should be reprimanded.

pastorious 1 months

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