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Clinton sex scandal whistleblower Linda Tripp dies at age 70

Clinton sex scandal whistleblower Linda Tripp dies at age 70

Linda Tripp, whose disclosure of an affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky nearly brought down his presidency, has died. Tripp, 70, passed away after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Tripp was at the Pentagon’s public affairs office where she befriended Lewinsky. Tripp’s recordings of her conversations with Lewinsky became central to the 1998 impeachment trial of then President Clinton.

Fin 5 months

Condolences for the loss of ur mom... It's hard to lose a mom but she is always with u her loving way.. Hang in there

ReeRee 5 months

RIP... condolences to her family.

Peter 5 months

Perhaps someone can research the carcinogens and other related potentiators of pancreatic cancer, then name a research wing of a hospital after her in Hell, Michigan. Finally, when the Clintons get said cancer, the headline can go, Clinton Taken to Hell for a Tripp Study. My sincere condolences for her family in thier grieving time of loss.

Treena 5 months

She was not a whistleblower. She was busted for wiretapping and only got out of it when she released the tapes.

Fin 5 months

What does it matter when truth is her daughter is grieving... Pancreatic cancer is viscous n merciless.. And the woman suffered..... N her daughter suffered with her... Can't folks once just get down to the basics n try some forgiveness for whatever it is they did to tick up ire up... The stink of death all over the country n we idiots snidely judge fates of who does n doesn't deserve to suffer.... For political reasons.... Sad...the country is far sicker then we thought... The covid virus just underlines it and reveals the content of our individual character....arrogance is not a vaccine nor immunity... In fact it is what will get u to become the perfect host for all kinds of sicknesses

Gus  Lone
Gus Lone 5 months

Was she clintoned?

The Big Dawg
The Big Dawg 5 months

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