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2 killed, over 150 injured in Israeli synagogue bleacher collapse

2 killed, over 150 injured in Israeli synagogue bleacher collapse

At least two people have been killed and 150 injured in a bleacher collapse at an uncompleted synagogue in a West Bank settlement near Jerusalem. The collapse occurred during prayers Sunday in Givat Zeev, outside Jerusalem, at the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. The synagogue was packed with hundreds of people. The mayor of Givat Zeev said the building was unfinished and dangerous.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 0 months

Why do commenters always have to have such schadenfreude when people they have excessive animosity for get injured by "seemingly at the moment" no fault of anyone? Leave it to the comments section to be filled with royal pricks after 120 people are injured from a mechanical accident. By the way, even the west bank has historically been included in the repetitive returning homeground of Israelis Jews (the people, not the country). Israel belongs to them...always will.

Nelson 0 months

A Synagogue on the West Bank? Should never have been been built there in the first place. Good riddence

Indo 0 months

Sometimes even when the writing is on the wall, its not really an evident thing. Its a sad sad sad world. Maybe it will change after these covid times.

Kym Charles
Kym Charles 0 months

Probably built by Palestinians...

nsmith2016 0 months

I'm not superstitious but man if that ain't Karma I don't know what is.

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

Sounds like the ghost of Arafat is back....from the dead. Encore! Encore! Encore!

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