Boris Johnson in ICU however health improves

Boris Johnson in ICU however health improves

The health of British PM down with coronavirus is improving and he is sitting up in bed as he spends his fourth day in intensive care. However as per reports, he could take at least a month for full recovery. The PM looked upbeat after initially testing positive for Covid-19 and continued to head the govt via video conferences however was later taken to London’s St Thomas’ Hospital on Sunday.

Fin 1 months

Keep fighting boris... Show em that brit courage n grit in darkest of moments.. Inspires n rallies those petrified of this sob pathogen.. N kudos to ur health care workers n volunteers all over briton... Tuff bunch u all are.. Cheerio strong

Sigfried 1 months

Wouldn't it just be hilarious if Boris was the first person to show antibody signs that lead us to a vaccine?

Jon 1 months

He downplayed and mocked the virus response from the start, put his citizens at risk by delaying mitigation, saying he was still going out and shaking peoples hands ect. I wonder how he feels about those choices to endanger the lives of millions now.

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 1 months

Hope he kicks this thing in the nuts and comes out on top and in tip top shape.

dennis 1 months

I'd like to thank Boris for being one of the 'herd' he talked about, and for personally helping stop Coronavirus from infecting the elderly and health-compromised of the U.K. I'm sure he'd go through it all again for us!

Richard 1 months

Get well soon BoJo

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