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Trump tweets about Sanders dropping out: ’Bernie people’ should come to GOP

Trump tweets about Sanders dropping out: ’Bernie people’ should come to GOP

Trump responded to Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential election Wednesday by tweeting that Elizabeth Warren was responsible for his exit, and then, sarcastically suggested that Sanders’ people should join the GOP. ’Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday!,’ Trump wrote on Twitter.

Boo 5 months

I believe 5-10% of Sanders supporters will vote for Trump. They r getting a lot of what they want from Trump. I also expect many more Sanders supporters to vote 3rd party or leave blank to give it to the Dems who always seem to screw Sanders.

Mike 5 months

And Trump is right. I never thought I'd say that, but it would serve the Democrats right if they did vote Republican as the Dems have shown no guts at all, propping up a barely breathing candidate who can't even get through a single interview; he quits before the interview is over and has no polices at all.

James 5 months

A worthy gesture on Trump's behalf though I foresee it not bearing great fruits. Sanders stance on the agenda he brought to the table was extreme to say the least, reaching far left even for the Democratic party. I believe this to be potentially a greater future win for Green party which has had an anemic showing thus far.

Carol 5 months


WWG1WGA 5 months

He should just run as a 3rd socialist/communist party anyways

Plutocratic 5 months

Biden / Hillary 2.0 = trump 4 more yrs. Even if Biden loses and Trump wins that’s still the status quo for corporations and their servants the Democrat/Republican parties, and a win-win for the wealthy. Plutocracy- an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth, government by the wealthy. This has become American politics, the great con on the people and what the corporate media feeds us, Bulls**t. Our two-party system serves only the wealthy and Corporations and they plan to keep it that way. A vote for Biden is the same as a vote for Trump.

Alaric 5 months

trump has it in the bag sadly, the dems couldnt hide their corruption...dnc made their own propaganda look like they were ccp backed lol

William 5 months

Right! Would rather open a vein. For god sake.

Jon 5 months

A small sliver of Bernie supporters are too disgusted to vote for Biden but the effect will be negligible. They certainly won't be voting for Trump.

Barry 5 months

There are zero Sanders supporters that would go to the Republican party

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