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Coronavirus at a glance: Over 1.5M cases globally with nearly 90K deaths

Coronavirus at a glance: Over 1.5M cases globally with nearly 90K deaths

There are now over 1.5M people who have been infected from COVID-19. There are 435,167 cases in the US and 14,797 deaths. In the UK there are 60,733 cases and 7,097 deaths. Italy (17,669) and Spain (15,238) remains the worst affected in terms of deaths. China reported 63 new cases on Wednesday, up from 62 a day earlier. Australia records its lowest number of new cases in three weeks.

John W
John W 5 months

MSNBC host is now angry that number of deaths are lower than estimate. Says Trump did this to make himself look good.

Alaric 5 months

with china n russia fake numbers mixed with people that arent getting symptoms or tested you can throw those numbers out entirely

Rocky 5 months

So the global numbers on this are less than the single year numbers for h1n1 in the US alone? In just a single year in the US we had over 6 million infected. Why is the hysteria so massive this time? These viruses come every 2 years like clockwork. What is going to happen the next time? What will they do when it really is dangerous to our existence? If they are willing to react like this to a minor threat what rights will they come for when a truly dangerous pandemic manifests? Chilling to see these numbers and what world governments were able to do to their citizens during these times.

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