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Coronavirus leaves at least 10% of the US workforce unemployed

Coronavirus leaves at least 10% of the US workforce unemployed

With record 6.6M new claims for unemployment benefits filed for the week ended Apr 4, nearly 10% of the American workforce has lost jobs in the past three weeks. A total of 16.6M people have now filed for unemployment benefits. This number could surge as many states are yet to clear the unemployment application backlogs. The figures are the largest job losses in records dating to 1948.

Steve 5 months

China Lied people died and after this they need to be made to pay,I will happily pay twice for anything not from Chy-Na

Property 5 months

This nightmare seems to have no end in sight. With over 10% our economy is doomed to srink. And since China is some how fine they are going to easily surpass the USA now. Complain about a world with the USA as the most powerful? Try one where China is the most powerful.

John W
John W 5 months

MSNBC host is now angry that number of deaths are lower than estimate. Says Trump did this to make himself look good.

Daniel 5 months

Hate to say this, but it’s probably true: it’s going to get worse before it gets better. “How much worse?” is the question.

NeverMetTheGuy 5 months

10% of 340,000,000 is 34,000,000. Something seems wrong with the math here when one of the articles says 17,000,000 off the jump.

Luke Duke
Luke Duke 5 months

Fun fact: They have no COVID-19 test. The test they do is for coronavirus in general. The common cold is also a coronavirus. 🤔

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 5 months

I wonder how this has impacted the unemployment rate for African Americans.

IvoryDove 5 months

Correction "Government response to Corona virus....."

michael 5 months

combine this with current stock performance and you see how useless it is to use the stock market to judge how well the TRUE economy is doing. we pumped a trillion dollars a DAY into the stock market, but that didn't keep these people employed.

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