Nearly 353 cases linked to Chicago’s Cook County jail

Nearly 353 cases linked to Chicago’s Cook County jail

After more than 9,500 coronavirus cases and 249 deaths, the city of Chicago is emerging as a hotspot for the coronavirus disease. The Cook County jail in Chicago has at least 353 cases linked to the facility. Hence, the facility is seen as the largest known cluster of coronavirus infections in the United States of America.

Tom A
Tom A
Fin 1 months

Here's my thinking.. If the jail is privately operated as many are how much money are the owners of these private organizations giving n doing for the response... There's the lawsuit... Are u listening families of Pl I jails n privately operated prisons... Go sic ur reps n lawyers on that.. The private prison organizations have a duty to those in their care... N jailors n guards

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 1 months

Pretty sure China has that distinction.

space ghost
space ghost 1 months

I guess the government does administer Covid 19

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