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Pence to attend Easter services from home

Pence to attend Easter services from home

In observance of the White House’s social distancing guidelines, Vice President Pence is set to attend Easter services from his home in Washington, D.C. In a White House briefing on Wednesday, Pence said that he along with his family will attend the services through their living room

John 5 months

A hypocrite that’s what he is he caters to a group of people in the do as I say not as I do community

Fin 5 months

Thank u for setting the example... From get go once u got understanding... I know this is hard for u... But u demonstrate ur faith n basic principles by doing this... Loving thy neighbor rather than being pious n infecting thy neighbor... N ur gracious words to all Americans in times of loss n pain.. It helps n matters... U continue to gain my respect for u as u are doing ur best for all of of us... Nobody is perfect but u are doing ur best with compassionate leadership

Jon 5 months

Misleading title. He will be going to his living room, not church.

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