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Senate to attempt to approve funding boost for small business aid program

Senate to attempt to approve funding boost for small business aid program

Republican leadership in the House and key administration officials have advocated for passing additional funding for small business loans amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The team cautioned that the $350 billion approved for the PPP could be maxed out in coming days. Senate Majority Leader McConnell is looking to bring a phase four bill providing an additional $250 billion to the floor on Thursday.

WWG1WGA 4 months

Once again the dems show how evil they are. Always wanting to twist or pervert a bill. Leave it alone vote yes for small businesses then propose your ridiculous bill by itself and see if it passes. Stop constantly showing how much you hate AMERICA

I have no idea
I have no idea 4 months

I honestly don't think this will help anything. If we reopen the country it will be the best measure for small businesses and that will still take time has people are cautious to go out. But if we don't reopen the stimulus will be meaningless because it won't be enough to cover lost productivity and in some cases product.

darkwingsmurf 4 months

I have a great funding idea for small businesses that will cost taxpayers very little let’s get back to work if people feel they are at risk then they can still isolate the rest of us could go back to work and spend some of our earnings at these small businesses and fix their funding problem

Fin 4 months

Their race to keep voters in a game of out doing instead of partisan collaboration to sincerely address all small businesses.. Not just their pals

Rational 4 months

Wow, attempt? Just do it.

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