Ex-US Navy secretary’s Guam trip to ridicule commander cost taxpayers $243,000

Ex-US Navy secretary’s Guam trip to ridicule commander cost taxpayers $243,000

Former acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly’s trip to Guam over the weekend where he ridiculed the commander of coronavirus-stricken USS Roosevelt for sharing an official letter with the media cost taxpayers at least $243,000. The secretary stepped down hours after he returned to Washington, DC, amid outrage over his speech during which he branded Captain Brett Crozier ’naive’ and ’stupid’.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 months

Nice. Government operating as efficiently as ever. Now let’s have em do healthcare. I’m sure we’d save money in the long run 😂

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Fin you have become an odd treasure on newsvoice. Your grammar is dog shit but your opinions are appreciated. Now if only we could get grug back. . .

Fin 1 months

How much ppe could have been purchased for fed stock pile replenishment... Was it worth it... To bitch out the crew... And try to pull a veiled threat on em for supporting a true leader... One who recognized since u didn'tissue any order to pull their liberty passes in first place when docked in Vietnam n played down virus threat... Then... He was on board a ship that was becoming sicker n sicker n could grow to point of becoming incapable of defending itself let alone defending America and its interests.... So yep he sent out a loud clear SOS... N that pissed u off personally n u went nutz.. Cause being a price Waterhouse pencil neck who always only played dress up in a navy uniform.. U have no clue what it means to responsible for five hundred souls prepared to die in physical engagement if their leader sent em into battle.... Go back to bean counting n playing big business boy in the private sector where u can practice legalized piracy and ass kissing

John W
John W 1 months

I like comments but nobody wants to listen to his recording. He makes a lot of valid points. Listen with transcript here https://youtu.be/ZFIJ81Tiq-8 After you listen then have some informed comment. Rather then some blind emotion response. I don't know the exact timline but I don't think Captain should have went public. I realize everyone in government think they are empowered to be leakers and activists. But you can't run a real government or military like that. The way he did it makes it look like the US Navy is weak and fearful. God forbid we have to fight an actual war, instead of fighting they will be complaining/leaking to the media. I'm glad they didn't have emails during WWII.

Will 1 months

What are your thoughts? As a Navy family this presents an interesting situation. Both parties seem to not exactly take the most “ideal” actions, however given the current world situation both acted as they saw fit and from what I’m able to gather both knew the results of their actions would not be well received.

John W
John W 1 months

According to Wikipedia he did server for seven years. "He served on active duty in the United States Navy as a helicopter pilot and spent seven years as a U.S. Navy officer."

Mutatis 1 months

Unless this cost was abnormal for one of these types of trips, I am not seeing why anyone would care.

pastorious 1 months

Can somebody say court martial and firing squad for treason?

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