Gun violence surges in Chicago

Gun violence surges in Chicago

Seven people have been killed and 14 wounded Tuesday in shootings across Chicago. This was the most violent day of 2020 for the city. A man was killed Tuesday evening in a shooting that left a 5-year-old girl and two other people wounded in Gresham. Later a group of people, sitting on the front porch of a home, were shot at. Last year Chicago recorded 561 murders.

John W
John W 1 months

Bet they shot from more than 6 feet, they wore masks. Social distancing.

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

If someone who has coronavirus gets shot and killed, is that a coronavirus death? Maybe Jim Acosta can sort out this conundrum.

Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins 1 months

More evidence gun control works!

TheCurrentModality 1 months

What does social distancing have to do with it?

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