Italy Prime Minister urges EU members to aid coronavirus hit member states

Italy Prime Minister urges EU members to aid coronavirus hit member states

The Italian Prime Minister has warned that the EU is at risk of failing as a project during the coronavirus crisis if it does not act in an ’adequate and coordinated’ manner to tackle the outbreak. Italy, along with other southern EU members have requested the issuing of new fiscal policy measures in the form of corona-bonds. Some EU members oppose the idea and negotiations have not progressed.

Lev 1 months

I hope that the next time Italian politicians decide to take "soft power" up their ass from the Russian federation they remember that it was Ukraine that sent real help.. Russians never do anything to help anyone unless they're trying to help themselves especially with the SANCTIONS related to the unprovoked attack and annexation of Ukrainian territory... AND FFS, STOP CITING STORIES FROM RT.COM! THERE IS NO REDEEMING VALUE OR ARGUMENT TO CONTINUE USING THE ROTTEN RUSSIA TODAY.

Elia 1 months

One of Italy's biggest parties has been heavily financed by Russia, and it just so happens to be the most eurosceptic and prorussian party in the country. It's clear that Putin already uses money to influence politics abroad, how could this be any different? Are we supposed to just think that the crisis has made the Russian government altruistic all of a sudden? If Italy really wants to be part of a strong and united Europe, that gives member states what they need, it must stop defending the countries that are actively destroying the chances of cooperation.

Fin 1 months

Call em. Out n further demand due to their failed negligence they need to make monetary restitution to family's of every single covid fatality that occurred in Italy.... They did u n the citizens dirty...

dan 1 months

If we live another 15-20yrs we my see that ma lord

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 months

I wish to all deities ever invented that the EU gets dismantled before I die.

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