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UK GDP figures show economy struggling prior COVID-19 lockdown

UK GDP figures show economy struggling prior COVID-19 lockdown

For 3 months to Feb, the UK economy grew 0.1% which shows grim picture prior to the coronavirus lockdown. There has been a remarkable fall in construction in Feb, owing to wet weather & flooding, as total production fell by 0.6% for same period on back of 0.4% decline in manufacturing output. Although the services sector grew but is expected to be worst hit during the lockdown announced in March.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

Love how they blame brexit when the Germany and French economies are actually worse than ours anyway.

Christian 5 months

The underlying issue with UK economy is still not addressed. If the UK wants an industrial base like France / Germany they have to establish an industrial policy. This move will likely cause the elites in London to suppress the facts so they can maintain the high inequality between London and rest of UK.

Darren 5 months

Yes yes. It is still somehow brexit's fault...

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