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Google ordered to pay copyright fees to media groups

Google ordered to pay copyright fees to media groups

France has ruled that Google must pay French publishing companies and news agencies for re-using their content. Google said it would comply with the French competition authority verdict, which followed a complaint by unions representing French press publishers. Last year, Google said it would stop showing news snippets from European publishers to comply with a new European copyright law.

Don'tbackNV 5 months

Fuck Google and France. Both greedy corporatist money whores.

inkogni 5 months

Can see this happening soon "Google pulls out of France because they dumb and greedy". This not just could but will screw with average citizens daily life quite well if they pull out entirely. (Google search, apps, news, Android games..)

Mutatis 5 months

French, and EU, courts are basically the only ones currently that can make a company like Google cone off as a victim.

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