Barr says media indulging in ’jihad’ against Trump

Barr says media indulging in ’jihad’ against Trump

William Barr, the Attorney General late on Wednesday claimed that the Washington press corps is on a ’jihad’ against United States President Donald Trump. The President has been actively promoting the use of an anti-malaria drug to treat the novel coronavirus, and Mr. Barr praised the President’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Connie 1 months

AG Barr is absolutely correct in his assessment. Another aspect of the anti-hydroxichloroquine spin that he did not mention but Laura Ingram has, very briefly, that the pharmaceutical companies working 24/7 to produce a new magic pill that will bring $$$ into their coffers. Readily available, inexpensive, effective hydroxichloroquine brings in very little $. Too many, including medical professionals, seem to be more interested in profits than helping the people.

FourAncientWhiteElephants 1 months

Firstly that's been the case since he announced he was running. Secondly, all these people I see badmouthing this drug is simply because it came out of Trump's mouth, blinded by hate they've been programmed into believing to the point where anything he says or does is wrong. Do you think Trump ran to his medicine cabinet and randomly picked something out to save everyone? No, the drug was selected, lab tested, and studied by scientists and medical professionals as a treatment showing promise in trials. So stop all this, "I'll trust the medical professionals over the bad orange man" bull because that's exactly where it came from. Dr. Fauci has simply stated it hasn't been cleared by the FDA as a treatment for this particular ailment, red tape, that's it.

Plutocratic 1 months

Barr is nothing more than a Trump-appointed puppet and Roy Cohn. Nobody cares what his boss tells him to think and that's why he is on Fox's opinion channel.

Carol 1 months

He is just as crooked and crazy as Trump!!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Indeed. It's been very obvious that it's been happening since before he was elected. That's why I can't take anti trump people seriously. The media has been bias for a while, but never has it been so apparent. That being said, he isn't perfect, but no one is, especially the Democrats.

John 1 months

Trumps personal attorney not America’s Attorney General this has become the joke of the country

Jon 1 months

Sorry Barr but I'll take Fauci and thousands of other medical professionals opinion over yours.

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