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5 incarcerated people die in Oakdale federal prison

5 incarcerated people die in Oakdale federal prison

Five incarcerated people have died from COVID-19 in the low-security Oakdale federal detention center in Louisiana which has been hit hard by coronavirus. 42 inmates are sick with the disease in the center where the sleep in barracks style open rooms. Attorney General Barr issued an order to release vulnerable inmates in Oakdale but the ACLU is suing arguing more should be done.

Israel 5 months

Prisons and concentration camps have always been vectors for infectious diseases. Everyone that isn't a violent offender should have been released already! The fact that they haven't been will increase the spread of Coronavirus more than it should have and more people will die because of this.

John W
John W 5 months

Just because you realease them doesn't mean they will stay in safe lockdown. If they generally break laws they are probably not going to follow stay home rules. They will be out trying to score drugs or stealing stuff. They could still get it. It would have to be case by case, and leave with ankle monitor.

Matt 5 months

Ah see our prison system works they'll never commit another crime lol

Vicki 5 months

Well why were they in in the first place ? Did they kill someone? Or rape someone ? If so I feel that was there punishment

Wholly 5 months

Does the ACLU want it burned down with everyone in it to prevent infection? Releasing all the infected and exposed right now to the general population is equally reckless.

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