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Coronavirus outbreak causes US jobless claims to soar to 6.6M in early April

Coronavirus outbreak causes US jobless claims to soar to 6.6M in early April

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, layoffs & furloughs in the US have increased the jobless claim to 6.6M in the first week of April. One in ten workers in the U.S. has lost their job in the last three weeks, bringing the total jobless claims for that time to 16.8M.

O.T.Q.D 5 months

We are purposefully making this happen with our blanket stay home orders. This isn't some slump in the economy.

TheCurrentModality 5 months

Wow! @Krispy how myopic can you get. So are you saying that if your man was in this would not have happened? Truly ignorant remark.

Krispy 5 months

So this is Trump's strongest economy ever? Lowest unemployment in history?

Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 5 months

I wonder if "made in china" on products will have a different meaning now. I hope we start buying from countries and remember this moment in time whenever we see "made in China" not to mention the Slavery, child labor and poor working conditions & poor salaries that make the products so affordable, the concentration camps for Muslims, the police brutality In Hong Kong (they've been beating them for a whole YEAR) The persecution of Tibetan Monks, Christians, fulan gong and all religions, the censorship and punishment of citizens Who criticize the government , the mass surveillance and all the while being the NUMBER ONE WORLD POLLUTER Destroying the environment. buy from any other country- remember this.

Rational 5 months

and yet Congresses measure focus mainly on the wealthy that don't really need help.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 5 months

I wonder how many are fake

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