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Melania Trump suggests Americans to wear face masks

Melania Trump suggests Americans to wear face masks

Melania Trump recommends wearing face masks in places, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, to slow the spread of coronavirus. She claimed that it does not replace social distancing and that it is another suggested guideline to help us stay safe. She wears a white face mask in a photo of herself on social media to show how to keep ourselves safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ben Song
Ben Song
John W
John W 7 months

This post is up for 3 hours and no leftist hate? You better check your temperature, I'm pretty sure some of you, should have been knee jerk triggered by now. Maybe she owns stock in the mask company? You never know???

Fin 7 months

Thank you first lady... Great move.. Stay safe n keep ur parents safe..

Fin 7 months

John don't confuse the hijacked left posers with patriotic democrats... Who are rooting for recovery from this pandemic on every level... All we want is truth n compassion n solutions n that message from her was a truthful honest compassionate call to yep... Be best....

Don'tbackNV 7 months

Greatest First Lady ever!!! Her Twitter she only follows one person! She's a ride or die kind of gal, smart and smoking hot! What's not to like. The Don is a role model for Americans and men in general. American Dream! Brains braun and boobs baby! God bless America! God bless president trump!!

Clover 7 months

Why is this written like it’s her idea & new news? We already knew this is a good idea. It’s common knowledge. Personally, I feel like every two to three stories posted refer to masks in some way & this one isn’t newsworthy at all.

Carol 7 months

What does she know!!?

“blue8044” 7 months

wear masks, don't wear masks. 'Authorities' should make a clear decision and stop interfering with people's everyday lives.

Fin 7 months

Why hate with so much death right now caused by an invisible super pathogen... OK u don't like her... So don't mask to spite her.. Roll the dice and be just as nasty as those u hate.. Perhaps u can share a vent with one who is object of your disgust...

Mark 7 months

Thanks Melania. Your expertise is appreciated.

Jon 7 months

The daily show posted a great meme from when she wore that green jacket with the phrase written on the front of the mask, "I really dont care, do you?" 🤣

Steve 7 months

Hahahahaha. Love how she fu€ks with him.

Seti 7 months

I cannot unsee her copying Michelle speech, therefore inclined to believe she is not genuine.

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