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Mercury-bound spacecraft gets a gravity assist from Earth

Mercury-bound spacecraft gets a gravity assist from Earth

A spacecraft swooped past Earth on Friday, tweaking its roundabout path to Mercury. Launched 1.5 years ago, Europe and Japan’s BepiColombo spacecraft passed within 8,000 miles (12,700 kilometers) of Earth. The gravity tug from Earth slowed BepiColombo and put it on a course closer to the sun. It was the first of nine planetary gravity assists on the spacecraft’s seven-year journey to Mercury.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 7 months

Good luck on your long journey BepiColumbo may you reach your goal unharmed amd further our understanding of our solar system and universe

Seekster 7 months

You guys should see the photos of Earth as it swung by. It's really amazing to see Earth as a visiting spacecraft would see it from a distance.

IIzard 7 months

Fcuk off then you ugly orbiter!

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