French hospital stops Hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19 patient

French hospital stops Hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19 patient

A French hospital has had to stop an experimental treatment using hydroxychloroquine on at least one COVID-19 patient after it became a ’major risk’ to their cardiac health. Professor Émile Ferrari, the head of the cardiology department at the Pasteur hospital in Nice, said electrocardiogram recordings of patients involved with the trial showed ’major risks of a very serious accident in a patient’

Angel20 1 months

This article seems totally biased ànd seem politically motivated. Just 1 case justifies such misleading headline ? How about context info such as scope of trial and results? So sick of fake news.

James Smith
James Smith 1 months

Very misleading headline, they are stopping on one, yes one patient due to cardiac risk. The virus itself carries some risk to the heart it has been reported

Radjiv 1 months

It's one hospital also it only used at the moment for patient in serious health condition (authorized by the government) and the chloroquine is recommended by the doctor rault for middle to low symptoms. I'm not a health professional but I'm French and relaying the French news position

John W
John W 1 months

azithromycin often given with hydroxychloroquine is the one you have to worry about, but often that's with people that have a history already. And they can check for that. It's not that uncommon for rare side effect happen. When the vaccine comes out except some people to drop dead right after the shot. People trying to make an issue of side effects are just conveniently being ignorant to the issue of medicine and side effects. Ferrari said that hydroxychloroquine on its own presents only a small cardiac risk. However, when given alongside the antibiotic azithromycin, with which it is being prescribed in combination for the treatment of coronavirus, the risk increases. He said that for some patients being treated with these drugs, "the remedy is more harmful than the disease itself." In 1976, concerns in the United States about a possible influenza pandemic involving a virus similar to the deadly 1918 pandemic strain resulted in a large-scale vaccination program for the entire country. Approximately 45 million people were vaccinated in 10 weeks with what became known as the “swine flu vaccine” [16]. The US government abruptly stopped the vaccination program when no swine flu cases were detected outside the military base where the disease originated and when an unexpectedly high number of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome were reported in vaccinated individuals. The vaccine was estimated to have caused approximately one Guillain-Barré syndrome case per 100,000 persons vaccinated [17], resulting in 53 deaths

David 1 months

Are people with Lupus at risk for coronary problems? Or just people with coronavirus?

John W
John W 1 months

I heard if Trump recommends it, it changes chemically to meth. Every time he says "Hydroxychloroquine" the strength get's stronger. The doctors in France are just starting to catch on.

Fin 1 months

No French know their pharmacopeia... It's because it's effect is a red herring.... N they recognize the drug isn't actually doing anything beyond slight slowing of rage to crs.. N if given beyon certain time in crs it's a killer.. Cause it advances the hypotensive state due to ars leading or contributing to hypokalemis n sudden cardiac arrest

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 1 months

With such a low death rate, how can an individual doctor tell if it works.

Fin 1 months

The patient degradation from simple symptoms then into distress is key... The error of waiting allows virus to to do its I think 150knot professing n those days it is in pause mode n the body is basically going into almost like a dic situation due to super antigen responses... Aka rage... In rage mode in follows into crs cytokine response storm... Not good... Some where before that clinical labs should reveal d diner escalation crp off charts n unusual eosinophilla n maybe basophilla.. Also ldh irregular... One reason prays on old faster... Their d dimer is elevated by age to start with.. So lab folks are seeking path criteria outside box just before rage.. The interlukins have to be nuts high or creeping high... N mast cells whacky..... Basically learning what drugs in what sequences can stop rage and what ones can target the virus or recognize it to target in certain Baltimore four classification stages... So u focus hard before u get to that dic disseminated intervascular coagulation nite mare.. Dic is fricking hard to ever reverse.. Few survive its events if systemic organ failure... NYC citizens n all who have died will hold a legacy of advancing the chances to save others because our doctors all over the world will grow with life saving knowledge.. Never forget that... These medical pro detest death.. They hate death n for them it's a personal war on death. Even if they fall.. They will fall in duty to save one more life or comfort that life when death outsmart em.. That's what a physician n all support staff n those amazing nurses are all about... Our job.. Don't be stupid n defiant n end up being their next patient... Or sending em one cause gee it sux... To stay at home.. Just get it done do it so then we all get back to work... N conquer covid

Lev 1 months

Oh these French doctors are just doing this because they just so hate Trump they would rather let their patients die... a MAGA MUPPET WOULD SAY But hey what do you have to lose? your heart?

Jason 1 months

I cant wait till the dust settles. The people who hate Trump so much, that they are against using antiviral meds to stop viral disease, will look like total asshats. Imagine having TDS sooo bad that you are rooting for people to die, so that it makes the guy wrong.

avecplus 1 months

One patient, you know when they should of posted information like this, the FIRST Chinese virus Patient!! Now they media will try to ban the only leed we got..

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 1 months

So much for Trumps miracle cure.

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