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USS Roosevelt captain Crozier could be reinstated if investigations conclude so

USS Roosevelt captain Crozier could be reinstated if investigations conclude so

Modly, the acting Navy Sec, had fired the commander of Roosevelt, Crozier, for distributing letters urging quick action by Navy to save his sailors. Admiral Gilday who is investigating this matter said that the investigation is over and he has started to go through the report. Meanwhile he has not ruled out any options, which possibly could reinstate Crozier, if the investigations conclude same.

edwin 5 months

Why??? It was Crozier that got them infected in the first place by putting to shore leave in an infected port. Then his first communique asking for help suddenly ends up in the hands of the mainstream media... either he is monumentally intellectually challenged or he endangered his crew purposefully for political use, which is criminal.

Carol 4 months

He was probably "fired" by Trump anyway....idiot!

Patson 5 months

Captain Crozier should be reinstated he did everything in order to protect his crew and stood rock solid willing to put his job rank and command on the line to make sure his sailors do not lose their lives for nothing.

Fin 5 months

No.. The navy knew their was a virus in Asia... Way Before those sailors ever got to port in Vietnam... The pencil neck ex sec failed. To ring the bell n require all shore leave canceled..on all naval vessels at sea. If u want to get technical... The brass up failed the commander then before that crew ever docked in Nam... They I bet u never pulled the pin out of the grenade n let him n others at sea in command know a damn thing...remember the wh at first called it a do-nothing burger flu thing .. We don't know much about events n inner communication leaks prior to that letter.... Nor should we... Just conclusion jumpers.... Something is askew in the way the pencil neck ex sec handled it... From start.. Before that ship ever let anyone off... Series of failed up n down brass commo games... Resulting in an extreme move.... Instead of it being a simple check no winner n potus handle it as he said he would... Pencil neck went n got himself checkmated... He sunk his own battleship... Thought the sec of defense wouldn't take his resignation... Suprized... Mike said thanks n hit the bricks..... Don't pretend ur neptune when in fact ur chicken of the sea... U better know n respect ur sailors n troops... Without em ur brass don't mean boo.... Go real navy... Love the squids

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