Mathew 1 months

I'm from Liverpool, UK. People don't realise 5G masts are already on telephone poles and not lampposts, there are black boxes either side of the poles and they are low power like your wifi router. These are what aims at your home for your router to send and receive signals. The masts are not aimed at houses otherwise they would be in every street. Oh and either way the light bulbs in your home emit more radiatioradiation.

Alex 1 months

Oh wow... Some idiots on Facebook are wrong.. Lets just forget all about the constant warnings from hundreds of scientists, experts and doctors about the dangers of implementing this technology worldwide before the effects of 5G technology on humans and animals are even properly investigated and proven that 5G is safe, instead of just assurances that its fine by the telecoms. The experts argue the contrary, that 5G operates on extremely high frequencies in the 30 GHZ to 300 GHZ range compared to 4G networks that use frequencies below 6 GHz. And being constantly bombarded by these high frequencies could cause serious health issues and physical effects on all living beings, from humans to insects . But apparently the telecom companies are installing them worldwide anyways, protected by the governments of the world and with the full support of the media, and guess what? we are the guinea pigs... And for what? Download of a movie in seconds? The IoT with Smart toasters and fridges? We dont even need that crap, and its not worth the risk of oneself or a family member getting cancer.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 1 months

Well duh, how would that even work? The 5G systems caused a viral mutation or something? Some things are so absurd that they really aren't worth wasting time and effort debunking.

Garthak 1 months

Of course they do, they're in on it!!! X files theme Whole conspiracy theory is rediculous, if it were 5g towers, wouldn't the outbreak only be in places with 5 g towers?

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