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Florida schools could be reopened says Gov. DeSantis

Florida schools could be reopened says Gov. DeSantis

Florida Gov DeSantis said on Thursday that they were considering of reopening schools in May after being closed in March and April as a result of the pandemic. He stated that he believed that because the number of casualties of people under 25 has been low that the pandemic does not pose a major risk to children. According to the CDC, four people aged 15 to 24 and one under 5 has died so far.

Dave 5 months

Survivorship bias in action. Like during WW2 engineers looked at bomber planes and saw there were lots of bullet holes in the wings and fuselage and said they should reinforce those areas. Until someone clever said that those were the planes that survived and they should reinforce the parts with no bullet holes, because planes with holes there didn't return.

asKaren 5 months

Ok, What about the adult teachers and staff, who will pass it to the children, who can be just carrier's and the children bring it home to their parents? Or, Iis he sending the kids in by them self's? No bus drivers, no cooks, no nurse, no teachers, no guidance counselors, no administrators?????????

michael 5 months

good job Florida, I know there was voter suppression when you tried to kick this moron to the curb, but there were still enough voters willing to vote this idiot in.

Jon 5 months

This fool will get people killed and he has not a care in the world. His state is on track for over 4,000 deaths with full mitigation and their peak won't be until the end of April.

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 5 months

never mind that kids are a great vector to spread the virus even if they don't show symptoms... It's not like those kids have parents... Actually, closing schools should have been the first thing done as soon confirmed cases where in the state, and should be the last thing to reopen...

TheCurrentModality 5 months

Finally someone processing reality. Each region needs to evaluate its own situation. This monolithic death march is insane.

anthony 5 months

You would expect more common sense from a governor or at least better rationale than this if this is what he said.

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 5 months

he's getting paid to be this stupid.

DarkWarrior633 5 months

As someone who lives in Florida I don't give a damn I'm not going to school

Dagoberto 5 months

He also believes the earth is flat. Needless to say, my child will not be going to school.

GreenMachine 5 months

No. Cut your losses and keep the schools closed for the school year. Everyone is already moving toward remote learning. The wrinkles are getting ironed out. Schools are a gem factory before this pandemic. No need till to make one of those germs COVID19.

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 5 months

Now I feel bad for that comments survey I turned in this morning. I thought most of the rational people had fled from the app, but they showed up under this story.

Krispy 5 months

Of course he's a trump supporter. No surprise there.

green december
green december 5 months

think about the kids who might get infected after pass this to their parents .you still dont have a cure for this virus. maybe just used your brain first before you decide on something crazy.

Fin 5 months

Not only one term Ron but Ron the jackass.... Ever in denial n pretty clear could give a real damn about the many in Florida.. Tis y he is making it hard to get a test.. So folks don't know danger they are in.n that means the under sixty crowd n yep Florida has a huge vaping crowd under sixty.. Ron let's see u go to a big mega church crowded to show ur not worried.. Step out of ur safe bubble.... U have no idea how many folks responsible for voting u in are disgusted with ur disregard for their safety n safety of ppl they love in elder homes n communities... N u call ur self a born n raised floridian... Enjoy ur on term... We know u r not reporting all FL cases n they are growing.... Guess Ron believes its prudent to infect thy neighbor rather then love em... It's Florida and he is special

dennis 5 months


Doug 5 months

Will the gov, Republican Governors Association, et al. be sued for wrongful deaths?

dennis 5 months

Hey, look after the teachers. They're front line too.

Brandon 5 months

Someone tell Milan to stop practicing their English by writing summaries... It's obnoxious.

Will Miller
Will Miller 5 months

I think this means we can reopen night clubs too.

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