Hamas arrests Gaza peace activists for Zoom call with Israelis

Hamas arrests Gaza peace activists for Zoom call with Israelis

Many peace activists in Gaza were arrested on treason charges as they participated in a Zoom video chat with their counterparts in Israel. Eyad al-Bozom, spokesperson from the Hamas interior ministry said that on the backdrop of this video chat, Palestinian figure Rami Aman & others are now in custody for holding a ’normalization activity’ with the Israeli occupation which is a crime.

F1ackm0nk3y 1 months

Because working towards peace is a treasonous activity for Hamas. Palpatine’s may want peace but Hamas wants to remain in power

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 1 months

Nearly all of the Islamic terrorists groups suck sympathisers and support ( including from western leftists) into their world via opposition and their “struggle “ against Israel. God forbid there would be peace.

Seekster 1 months

Can't have people talking with the Israelis, then they might find out that they aren't monsters and then before you know it you might even have peace.

Jason 1 months

They need a boogie man to point at and tell the people "thats the enemy " and then pretend that only they can protect them. Its how they cling to power. This is why china needs North Korea. Tough to keep the people down once free internet reaches your boarders.

Adam 1 months

Can anyone provide a clear explaination as to why media from Europe is not categorized by political ideology in this app service? Thank you :)

TheCurrentModality 1 months

So Palestinian officials make it illegal to "Normalize" something. We have heard that language from the far-left here in the US. They don't want to "Normalize" conservative viewpoints.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

ItS aLl IsRaElS fAuLt

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 1 months

Hmm... Isreal is clearly at fault for this... Some how...

TAP 1 months

So peace is illegal. That's good to know. I guess AOC and her best friend Omar love this. That and Talib must be cheering them on. It's amazing how many people forgot about those little jack asses supporting this group.

Richmond 1 months

If what is written in this article is true, then it is a very Sad and Incriminating enditement of Hamas. Peace needs to be supported, especially in this part of the world. Whoever and whatever attempts at peace should be praised, and anyone standing in their way should be condemned. Any power Hamas has or had to govern or condemn should be removed, just as it should be from any group or representatives that act in such cowardly or evil ways. The world has suffered from more than enough so called leaders and groups focused on their own self-righteous power grabs thru the use of force and violence. Peace, Love and Wisdom to those activists fighting (peacefully) for peace who were jailed or condemned in any way. And in fairness, may those who condemned these peace activists be themselves condemned. Further, may they also be removed from ever again representing, leading or ever having ANY power or say in the region. Only then will peace have a chance of surviving, and becoming a part of that regions history.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

"Peace activist" usually means suicide bomber to me, but this time it was actually a peace activist. Huh. Can't have those around Gaza, though. Only suicide bombers.

IIzard 1 months

Treason against the state, but patriotism for the nationality.

just some guy
just some guy 1 months

what is Zoom?

Fake Namington
Fake Namington 1 months

Giving these people a state is really a jolly great idea

NPC #2
NPC #2 1 months

Wow guys so much antisemitism here stop it

Tommy Rotten
Tommy Rotten 1 months

😂 🤣 🤣 Highly unlikely it was a peace call if Hamas was involved but mmmkay

Trey 1 months


eclipseNF 1 months

Oy vey shut it down

Drangus 1 months

Why can't I save stories anymore?

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