A pop-up food pantry draws a mile-long line of cars in Van Nuys, California

A pop-up food pantry draws a mile-long line of cars in Van Nuys, California

Hundreds of people arrived to the Los Angeles Regional Food bank in Van Nuys, California to receive goods. The food bank received so many customers that the line of cars spanned a mile. The Los Angeles Times claimed that the organization has experienced a 49% increase in supplying food for each of the last two weeks compared to last year. They also set a record in food distribution in March.

Ben Song
Ben Song
dan 1 months

Was listening to npr and they were saying that a lot of people that already use the services of food banks and the like are needing them even more. Now a lot of people are using these services for the first time and thats fine but the people on snap and use food banks are merely stocking up and on a large scale it is becoming a siphoning effect were the stock piles can't handle it. Like the toilet paper issue this is happening out of fear, if people calm down and think of the greater good we can get through this. In my 20' s I'd feel "we shall overcome" now?

Indo 1 months

If we go on living like this we will end up like sorry asses. Like we never have before. How did we allow this state to happen ? Why are we still listening to bad advice from inconsiderate people. Why are we still in denial !?

I have no idea
I have no idea 1 months

Well you layed off several million people by government decree. You can't be surprised when the soup line is down the block.

Joyce 1 months

REOPEN America

Rational 1 months

This is what happens when you focus on Wall Street and the wealthy instead of Main Street and the American people. This is going to be worse than the Great Depression as Congress and the current administration are making the same mistakes that the Hoover administration and Congress made.

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