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Boris Johnson able to walk again as condition improves

Boris Johnson able to walk again as condition improves

Latest reports around the health of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicate that he has been able to go for short walks as his condition continues to improve. ’The prime minister has been able to do short walks, between periods of rest’, the government said. Earlier this week, Johnson had been shifted to the ICU after his condition worsened.

Fin 7 months

Go boris... Get well... Y have a kid on the way... Hope ur girl is also feeling better....

IvoryDove 7 months

It would be nice to know what treatments he received, but most likely the supply is limited and being saved for political power brokers, wealthy elites and special people.

Mark 7 months

This was a leading news item In the UK news, not that almost a thousand people died in the last day. What a strange world we live in.

Indo 7 months

It is very definitely heartening to see this. A leader hit by virus n recovering. Will he come out fighting n kick all our scarredy cats out of hiding. God knows, just like God is unknown.

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting 7 months

Unfortunate, really.

Seekster 7 months

Outstanding news. Get well soon Boris, your country needs you.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 7 months

He is risen! He should have waited until tomorrow to fully capitalise on this.

dennis 7 months

Boris took one for the herd. Thanks, man!

david 7 months

he did not get Notice from Trump it’s hoax from democrats

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